Notre Dame Science, Winter 2013

Notre Dame Science

Notre Dame Science is the magazine of the College of Science, featuring faculty and student research, education, and news across the college. The digital version of the magazine allows readers to flip through each page and experience interactive content such as videos and links that complement each story. Viewers can enlarge sections, download and pass interesting sections onto other people.

Scientia, vol. 3


Scientia is a completely student-run publication. Scientia recognizes and encourages high-quality undergraduate research, provides a forum through which students can gain the essential skills of writing and reviewing to fulfill their future goals, and contributes to the advancement and cohesiveness of Notre Dame's scientific community.

Undergraduate Studies 2015

Undergraduate Studies

The College of Science is a community of innovators working in collaboration for the common good. What hasn't changed since our founding in 1865—and never will—is the University’s unwavering commitment to its Catholic character and the college's mission to prepare tomorrow's scientific leaders to think big while also inspiring them to make a difference and to share their knowledge and discoveries in ways that encourage collaboration, advance learning, and contribute to the common good.

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Undergraduate Studies booklet (6.31MB PDF)

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

The possibilities for undergraduate research in the College of Science are almost endless. Some students conduct original research on campus during the academic year while others conduct research through numerous other programs, both on campus and around the world. Beyond engaging in scientific research, the University of Notre Dame students communicate the results of their research through presentations and publications, and deepened their own experience, knowledge, and preparation for life after their undergraduate years.

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Undergraduate Research booklet (3.54MB PDF)

Fighting Cancer

Fighting Cancer

Our widely known and highly regarded athletic teams are known as the "Fighting Irish" for their fierce determination. There is another team on campus that is engaged in its own fight, the outcome of which affects us all. That fight is against cancer. That team-fiercely determined to win- is the faculty at the College of Science.  We are fighting cancer in all of its forms and on all fronts, including prevention, detection, and treatment. 

The researchers profiled in this book have dedicated their lives to helping people they will never meet to live happier, healthier, and longer lives.

Fighting Cancer: Cancer Research at the University of Notre Dame (3.35MB PDF)

Neurodegenerative Disease Research

Neurodegenerative Disease Research

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame are making groundbreaking research discoveries in the field of neurodegenerative diseases. Understanding all aspects of the nervous system, including development, function, and regeneration, is one of the biggest challenges of the modern scientific era.

The goal of the interdisciplinary research at Notre Dame into the structure and function of the brain and nervous system is to discover the molecular and cellular basis of neurological disorders, and identify pharmaceutical and behavioral treatments for issuers pertaining to the nervous system.

Neuroscience and Behavior curriculum

Virtuous ND (cover)

Virtuous ND

Our Catholic tradition long ago affirmed the human cardinal virtues—prudence, justice, temperance, and fortitude—and added the theological virtues from the New Testament: faith, hope, and love. Within each of these categories, particular virtues appear in different individuals that provide the excellence the community needs to flourish.

The University of Notre Dame is founded on the virtues of men and women who have built our community for more than 170 years. From the countless virtuous individuals spanning across Notre Dame’s history, several examples have been selected, past and present, to represent the rich heritage that makes this University unique.

Virtuous ND (5.11MB PDF)

Our Catholic Character

Our Catholic Character

Scientific research and interdisciplinary dialogue at Notre Dame take place within a thriving, evolving community of people engaged in expanding our understanding of the real universe in which we live. This enterprise takes shape in the context of the living tradition of the University, which takes seriously its commitment to maintain both its Catholicity and its academic integrity and contributes to that tradition as we move into the future.

Our Catholic Character (676 kb)

Road to Discovery

Road to Discovery

For the past three summers, Dean Greg Crawford has embarked on a cross-country bike ride to raise awareness for Niemann-Pick Type C disease. The ride demonstrates Notre Dame's commitment to research to find treatments and a cure for the devastating neurodegenerative disease that took the lives of three grandchildren of Coach Ara Parseghian. Dean Crawford keeps a blog on the road and documents his journey in the Road to Discovery books.

Cultural Passport

Cultural Passport

Are you new to the Notre Dame community and South Bend? Get to know your new home with the Cultural Passport (2.03MB PDF).