• Studying eco-tourism at Machu Picchu

  • Designing for mental well-being

  • Measuring biodiversity through birdsong

Sustainability Minor Social this Thursday 4/10 at 8:45PM in the Geddes Coffeehouse.

Pizza Info Session this Friday 4/11 at noon in 238 Coleman Morse.

The Minor in Sustainability is open to Notre Dame students in all majors and colleges.

Through a multidisciplinary approach, the minor prepares students to serve as leaders in their communities - local, national, and international - by making constructive and substantive contributions to the development of more sustainable practices for the benefit of their own personal and professional lives, the lives of others, and the lives of future generations.

Learn about the requirements of the minor in sustainability. Read about the capstone projects of current and past sustainability students. Check out our resources page for ways to get involved in sustainability research on campus and in the Michiana area.

For more information or to declare the minor, please contact:

Rachel Novick, Ph.D.
Director of the Minor in Sustainability
299F Galvin Life Sciences Center
Notre Dame, IN 46556-0369
(574) 631-0919

News from the Minor


Kate Christian '15


Kate is an Information Technology major and double minor in theology and sustainability. “The coolest thing about the [sustainability] minor is how it’s interdisciplinary,” says Kate. “I have the option to take classes through engineering, anthropology, philosophy, and more.”

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