About the Network


The Notre Dame Stewardship and Sustainability Network is an alumni-led initiative focused on engaging the broader Notre Dame family (on and off campus) in the practical pursuit of sustainability informed by our faith and values.

Through engagement of on-campus partners with alumni who are global leaders in sustainability, we can build a high-impact network in which we give back to the university with our expertise and address global challenges as a community.

The objectives of our first annual Summit are to:

  • Reengage with our core purpose in our professions and our commitment as change agents
  • Develop a collective vision and plan of action to foster a network of champions for Stewardship and Sustainability
  • Cultivate mentoring relationships in the Alumni Family and Student community to foster future generations of change agents
  • Foster a commitment to lifelong learning to Champion for Stewardship and Sustainability
  • Chart a bold vision for  the University of Notre Dame to lead on Stewardship and Sustainability