Our Collective Opportunity


Laudato Si’ calls on "every person living on this planet" for an inclusive dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet. But Pope Francis’ inspiring call to action makes clear that we cannot solve the challenges facing our world unless we work together. As he says in Laudato Si', “Problems must be addressed by community networks and not simply by the sum of individual good deeds…the ecological conversion needed to bring about lasting change is also a community conversion.” 

This past September, 193 World leaders convened to discuss the world’s most pressing issues.  After years of effort this group completed the Sustainable Development Goals, a historic set of commitments set to transform the world. They can be summarized as the 5 "P"s of sustainable development: People, Planet, Partnership, Prosperity, & Peace.

The sustainable development challenge needs to be felt in our homes, our schools, and our communities. Professionals in all industries need to contribute in order for us to meet our shared grand challenge. But how can such a level of commitment be ignited?

A network that cultivates stewardship as a value can enable us to have the strength to face our challenges with faith and maintain our commitment to sustainable development.