The following faculty members are all involved in teaching and/or research in various aspects of sustainability. Although by no means exhaustive, this list can serve as a starting point for students seeking out advising and faculty members searching for collaborators. If you are not on this list and would like to be included, please send us an email.

First Last Department/Institute Research / Teaching Email
Gary Belovsky Biology Community Ecology & Conservation Biology belovsky.1@nd.edu
Ed Bensman Civil & Environmental Engineering Climate & hurricane modeling ebensman@nd.edu
Melissa Berke Civil & Environmental Engineering Climate variability & global change mberke@nd.edu
Susan Blum Anthropology Chinese Society; Food & Culture sblum@nd.edu
Tobias Boes German Language & Literature Poetics of the Anthropocene; Environmentalism in German culture tboes@nd.edu
Catherine Bolten Anthropology & Peace Studies Chimpanzee conservation & bushmeat market cbolten@nd.edu
Joan Brennecke Chemical Engineering Carbon Sequestration jfb@nd.edu
Aimee Buccellato Architecture Sustainable Design & Materials abuccellato@nd.edu
Leo Burke Executive Education Climate Investing lburke1@nd.edu
Peter Burns Civil & Environmental Engineering; cSEND Nuclear energy pburns@nd.edu
Elizabeth Capdevielle Writing & Rhetoric Experiential learning in sustainable agriculture ecapdevi@nd.edu
Juliana Chiang Economics Environmental Economics juliana.chiang@nd.edu
Annie Coleman History American Wilderness acolema3@nd.edu
Jon Coleman History Environmental History jcolema2@nd.edu
Ann-Marie Conrado Design Sustainable Product Design aconrado@nd.edu
Sheila Christopher Environmental Change Initiative Watershed hydrology and biogeochemistry sheila.christopher@nd.edu
Celia Deane-Drummond Theology Environmental Ethics cdeanedr@nd.edu
Anselma Dolcich-Ashley Theology Theology of Nature adolcich@nd.edu
Kyle Doudrick Civil & Environmental Engineering Sustainable water treatment kdoudric@nd.edu
Kathy Eggleson NDnano Environmental & health impacts of nanotechnology keggleso@nd.edu
Terry Ehrman, C.S.C. Theology / ICL Science & Theology tehrman1@nd.edu
Haifeng Gao Chemistry  Polymer design hgao@nd.edu
Donna Glowacki Anthropology Archaeology of migration & environmental context dglowack@nd.edu
Melinda Gormley Reilly Center Scientists as political activists; Science policy gormley.6@nd.edu
Vijay Gupta Electrical Engineering Smart infrastructure systems, monitoring, estimation & control vgupta2@nd.edu
Chris Hamlin History British environmental history chamlin@nd.edu
Amy Hixon Civil & Environmental Engineering Environmental Aquatic Chemistry ahixon@nd.edu
George Howard Psychology Environmental psychology howard.2@nd.edu
Bruce Huber Law Environmental & natural resource law bhuber@nd.edu
Vlad Iluc Chemistry  Synthesis of new energy sources viluc@nd.edu
Debra Javeline Political Science Politics of Adapting to Climate Change javeline@nd.edu
Amy Jonason Sociology Sustainable Food Systems ajonason@nd.edu
Prashant Kamat Chemistry  Solar Photovoltaics pkamat@nd.edu
Ken Kuno Chemistry  Solar Nanotechnology mkuno@nd.edu
Gary Lamberti Biology Stream & Wetland Ecology glambert@nd.edu
Angela Laws Biology Grassland Ecology alaws@nd.edu
Michael Lemmon Electrical Engineering Networked control systems & civil infrastructure lemmon@nd.edu
David Lodge Biology Freshwater Ecology & Invasive Species dlodge@nd.edu
Patrick Martin Romance Languages & Literatures Local Ecologies pmartin@nd.edu
Jason McLachlan Biology Forest Ecology & Paleoecology jmclachl@nd.edu
Sam Miller Management Business of Energy smille27@nd.edu
Patrick Murphy Marketing Business Ethics pmurphy1@nd.edu
John Nagle Law Environmental Law & Policy jnagle1@nd.edu
Darcia Narvaez Psychology Moral cognition & development dnarvaez@nd.edu
Rob Nerenberg Civil & Environmental Engineering Wastewater treatment rnerenbe@nd.edu
Rachel Novick Biology Minor in Sustainability rnovick@nd.edu
Catherine Perry Romance Languages & Literatures Environmental issues in French culture cperry@nd.edu
Margie Pfeil Theology Environment & Catholic Social Teaching mpfeil1@nd.edu
Pat Regan Political Science & Peace Studies Armed conflict & Climate change pregan3@nd.edu
Terry Rettig Physics Earth and climate science trettig@nd.edu
Kim Rolling Architecture Built environment & public health and well-being krolling@nd.edu
Phil Sakimoto FYS Climate Change Education for the Public psakimot@nd.edu
Samantha Salden Architecture Nature and the Built Environment ssalden1@nd.edu
Tony Serianni Chemistry  Sustainability: Principles & Practices aseriann@nd.edu
Antonio Simonetti Civil & Environmental Engineering Tracing of environmental pollutants; nuclear forensics asimonet@nd.edu
John Sitter English Literature and Ecology jsitter@nd.edu
Kerstin Strom Design Sustainable Design    kstrom@nd.edu
Jen Tank Biology Stream Ecology & Biogeochemistry tank.1@nd.edu
Laura Walls English Thoreau; American Transcendentalism lwalls@nd.edu
Susanne Wengle Political Science Agriculture & Market Regulation swengle@nd.edu
Mark Wistey Electrical Engineering Solar Photovoltaics; Energy Sources and Conversion mwistey@nd.edu
Roza Wojcik Chemistry Green Chemistry rwojcik@nd.edu


Please feel free to contact any of the members of CREST (Campus Coalition on Research and Education for Sustainability)
if you have questions about any of our programs or would like to suggest speakers or events: 

First Last Program / Institute Email
Ginna Anderson GLOBES Certificate in Environment & Society g.anderso@nd.edu
Joanna McNulty Environmental Change Initiative jmcnulty@nd.edu
Rachel Novick Minor in Sustainability rnovick@nd.edu
Barbara Villarosa cSEND bvillaro@nd.edu