The COP XXI climate negotiations in Paris are taking place November 30th - December 11th. The following resources can help you to convey the process of the negotiations to your students:

  • Climate Interactive provides extensive materials on its website for a Climate Change Negotiations Simulation. These include Instructor Resources and a computer program you can download and use to explore the climate impacts of various carbon commitments. You can see a Preview here.
  • Garrett Blad '15 is a Youth Delegate at the Paris talks. Since shortly after his graduation from Notre Dame last spring, he has been traveling to Paris, primarily by bike. You can follow his journey here. Now at COP XXI, he and the other 21 Youth Delegates are live-blogging the negotiations here. You can also have your students sign up for daily updates from these inspiring young people.
  • Catholic Relief Services has a website called I Am Climate Change that provides many ways for students to get involved in advocacy.
  • This Climate Challenge Simulator will enable your students to explore the impacts of different outcomes of the COP XXI negotiations on global climate over the next 50 years.
  • Up-to-date news and analysis can be found at