Requesting a Show


The Jordan Hall of Science’s Digital Visualization Theater (DVT) is available for the following activities:

  • Priority 1: College of Science classes
  • Priority 2: Classes outside of the College of Science
  • Priority 3: Special events, including campus or community functions, visits by local school groups, or classes from other universities or colleges
  • Priority 4: Development/Practice for College of Science classes
  • Priority 5: Development/Practice for classes outside of the College of Science
  • Priority 6: Development/Practice for special events
  • Priority 7: Research

All access to the DVT is requested through and approved by the director.  He will arrange a qualified operator and presenter based on the needs of your specific request. 

For School and Public Groups

As part of the University of Notre Dame’s general mission of sharing, presentations for public school groups are available for astronomy and related topics.  The DVT typically provides a live, flexible presentation that can be partially customized to your curriculum's needs and provides your students a chance to interact with University scientists.  When requesting a presentation, school groups should provide the director with a list of preferred dates and times, a suggestion of topics that are of interest to students or that fit within your curriculum, and a short explanation of in-class astronomy-related activities in which students will take part.  The DVT experience works best when integrated with classroom work!

For University of Notre Dame Faculty and Staff

The director considers the DVT to be the most advanced classroom on campus.  If you have a visually complex or intensive topic you are teaching in the classroom, we would be happy to work with you to create new content customized to your lecture.  We have accepted projects that varied in scope from weeks of work to years, and consider it our core mission to expand the DVT’s teaching as broadly as possible.  If you have an element of astronomy within your coursework, Dr. Davis is also happy to provide customized lectures on astronomy and astrophysics. If you have an idea for a lecture that would benefit from a large immersive space, please email or call Dr. Davis to set up a meeting to explore the possibilities!

Contact Director Keith Davis, (574) 631-3952, today to request a show at the Digital Visualization Theater.