Twin Lecture Halls

Unique design facilitates student collaboration while providing multiple technology channels for teaching and learning.

Jordan Hall Twin Lecture Halls

The first floor of Jordan Hall features twin 250-seat auditoriums that offer a unique lecture-hall experience to students. Instead of sitting passively through lectures, students are now able to interact with their peers, answer questions to quizzes in real time via their laptops and wireless technology, and see actual experiments being conducted at the front of the room through video cameras mounted inside the fume hood.

The five seating levels are designed so that students' chairs can easily swivel, allowing students to engage in small-group discussions when collaboration is required by a classroom assignment. Wireless technology in the room also allows students to respond to questions posed by an instructor in real time; these responses can then be viewed on the large screen at the front of the room to further classroom discussion.

Each room is equipped with three large 21 by 12-foot screens at the front of the room, allowing instructors to simultaneously feed several different high-resolution images--from experiments being conducted at the front of the room, from video feeds, or from the instructor's computer.

An enclosed fume hood at the front of each hall allows chemical reactions to occur while maintaining a safe classroom environment. Experiments conducted under the fume hood are filmed by a side-mounted camera, and the entire process can be broadcast to one of the large screens. A preparation room located between the two lecture halls provides a staging area to set up demonstrations for the next class period.

All in all, these lecture halls offer spectacular learning opportunities that have never before been available to Notre Dame students.

The lecture halls may be reserved by contacting:

Registrar's Office
(574) 631-7043