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What did you see?

I-SAW is an accident prevention program that the College of Science and College of Engineering implemented in 2012 to help make our workplace a safer place. I-SAW supplements the existing safety efforts in the laboratories. Many times we see things that make you think, “Somebody’s going to get hurt!” If you can’t easily address the hazard yourself, report the issue by pulling out your phone and calling 631-ISAW (4729). Of course, any regular police non-emergencies should prompt a call to 631-5555. To report emergencies, call 911.

Examples of recent submissions

Some of the most common reports to the I-SAW line have been slip, trip, and fall hazards.  Others include unsafe lighting, sharp objects, elevator issues, and traffic blind spots that may have caused a fender-bender or worse, a collision with a bike or pedestrian. Below are some examples of reports that have been submitted and what was done to fix the situation:

Slip hazards – Snow and ice around Hurley/Hayes-Healy entrances.
Solution – Worked with Building Services to identify a staff member who would be responsible for shoveling the snow in the mornings.
Trip hazard – Sprinkler pipe sticking up outside of Jordan Hall entrance.
Solution – Worked with Landscape Services to bury the pipe and cover it with mulch to eliminate the trip hazard.

Jordan sprinkler pipes - before and after

Traffic blind spot – Hedges outside of Rolf’s Aquatic Center were very tall and made it hard to pull out into the street.
Solution – Contacted Landscape Services and asked that the hedges be trimmed so vehicles can pull out safely into the street.

Trip hazard - The carpet trim in a Hurley office was pulled up.
Solution - Facilites fixed the issue immediately.

Hurley carpet

Unsafe lighting – Dock lights outside of Galvin were either burnt out or very dim.  Building residents were feeling somewhat unsafe with the darkness around the dock
Solution – Worked with Facilities to change out the fixtures as it was discovered they were very old.  New fixtures with better lighting were installed.
Trip hazard – Bench outside of Stepan Chemistry had steel frame protruding.
Solution – Contacted Facilities to report problem and requested bench be repaired ASAP.  Completed in a couple of days.

Stepan Hall bench - before and after
I-SAW reports can apply to anything you may see on campus from trip hazards in other buildings, safety concerns in a lab. If you see a situation in which someone may be hurt, call 1-ISAW (631-ISAW) or email the program at isaw@nd.edu to have it addressed.