Mission, Goals and Inclusion

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Our Mission

Guided by our common human curiosity and Catholic character, the College of Science at the University of Notre Dame undertakes its mission to prepare the scientific leaders of tomorrow, inspiring them to seek greater understanding of the natural world, to translate that knowledge into human improvement, and to share discoveries in ways that make a difference in society. 

The College of Science is committed to fostering advancements that answer the world’s toughest questions and solve its most enduring problems. We are dedicated to providing our students with an exceptional education in an environment that encourages exploration, discovery, collaboration, and independent thinking in a place where each person’s unique contribution is valued.

Our Goals

  • Enhance and expand basic research, scholarship, and creative activities in core disciplines
  • Promote and expand interdisciplinary research initiatives, programs, and infrastructure
  • Offer the most distinctive undergraduate science education
  • Increase the college's visibility internally and externally
  • Cultivate an environment that embraces our Catholic traditions and values
  • Create an outlet where our research and teaching discoveries, inventions, and innovations can benefit society
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

Recognizing that all are created in God’s image and likeness, we will promote a culture that is respectful of the dignity of every individual and in which diversity in many forms and expressions is valued and appreciated.

Guided by our belief in the essential dignity of every person, the College of Science strives to create an academic and campus culture that attracts and supports the development of a diverse community of students, faculty and staff that reflect the diversity of the Catholic Church and the broader world in which we live and work.

A diverse campus community is inextricably linked to academic excellence.  It provides a rich intellectual environment, consisting of a broader range of questions, perspectives, and scholarly interests, better preparing all our graduates to live, work and serve others in an increasingly global and multicultural society.

To give voice to students and address issues of diversity and inclusion within the college, in March 2021, we convened the College of Science (CoS) Diversity Council. The three specific charges to the CoS Diversity Council are: 1) To promote a culture within the college that supports diversity in its many forms; 2) To develop strategies to achieve greater diversity among both faculty and students within the college; and 3) To provide oversight to ensure the success of goals.

The CoS Diversity Council comprises both undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members, and staff members, and will report to the Dean of the College of Science. This group will meet monthly during the academic year and advise the Dean on issues, goals, strategies to achieve the goals, and oversight to ensure goals are successfully met. If you would like to make the CoS Diversity Council aware of issues of diversity and inclusion within the College of Science, please reach out to one of the members listed below and they will bring the issue to the CoS Diversity Council for consideration and discussion.

When the CoS Diversity Council has outlined goals and strategies toward achieving a more diverse and inclusive community with the College of Science, we will share those goals and strategies. It will take all of us working together to make this initiative a success. In the meantime, please consider how you might make your part of our community more inclusive.

College of Science Diversity Council Members:

Undergraduate students: 
Abigail Abikoye, a junior biological sciences major
Matty Auborg, a senior environmental sciences major
Jane Musema, a junior biological sciences major
Ifeyinwa Nwebube, a junior science preprofessional major

Graduate students: 
Steve Dabelow, Department of ACMS 
Emily Nonnamaker, Department of Biological Sciences 
Janeala Morsby, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Grace Longbons, Department of Physics

Elected faculty members:
Martina Bukac, Department of ACMS
Nancy Michael, Department of Biological Sciences
Juan Del Valle, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Anand Pillay, Department of Mathematics
Anna Simon, Department of Physics

Appointed faculty members:
Dan Gezelter, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Mary Ann McDowell, Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies
Sr. Kathleen Cannon, Associate Dean for Advising & Diversity
Arielle Phillips, Assistant Dean for Advising & Diversity

Staff members:
Mary Prorok, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Kathy Phillips, Department of ACMS