New Faculty Join the Department

Faculty News: New Faculty Join the Department

 tao dovichi sharon_stack_1 haifeng_gao_2 vlad_iluc_2

New faculty from left to right: Franklin Tao, Norman Dovichi, Sharon Stack, Haifen Gao and Vlad lluc.






It’s always exciting to welcome new faculty to the ranks, and the past year or so has been particularly fruitful for the department with six new members added to the fold. In the summer of 2010, Franklin Tao joined the department as a new assistant professor, followed in the early fall of 2010 by Norman Dovichi, our new Grace-Rupley professor. Coming aboard this summer was Sharon Stack, the Anne F. Dunne and Elizabeth Riley Science Director of the Harper Cancer Research Institute, as well as new assistant professors Haifeng Gao and Vlad Iluc. We were pleased to create a joint appointment for Paul Bohn, who is also the Arthur J. Schmitt Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and an alumnus of the department (B.S., 1977). 

Warm wishes and hearty congratulations are extended to Tom Nowak and Dan Meisel as they now wear the distinguished mantle of “professor emeritus”. Happy trails to vice president and associate provost, Dennis Jacobs. After 23 years in the department, Dennis will begin the fall of 2011 as the new provost of Santa Clara University.

We were saddened by the loss of one of our emeriti, Robert Hayes, who passed away on July 7, 2011, at the age of 74. Bob spent 50 years as a member of the department, and was an active and familiar presence in Stepan and Nieuwland until a few months before his passing. We extend our sincerest sympathies to Linda, Bob’s wife of 51 years, and all of his family. Please take a moment to read about Bob’s legacy on our website. We also extend our condolences to Professor Emeritus Tony Trozzolo and family on the passing of Tony’s wife, Dolly, on May 26 of this year.