ECI Seminar: Plant and climate change activities at University of Helsinki


Location: Innovation Park, Conference Room 2

Environmental Change Initiative (ECI)

Speaker: Dr. Susana Lehvävirta
University of Helsinki, Urban Ecology Research Group

Dr. Susanna Lehvävirta will provide an overview of three projects regarding climate change adaptation and conservation research in Finland. CO-ADAPT is a research project about the purposeful movement of plants to advance their conservation under climate change. ESCAPE, a sister project to CO-ADAPT, is a real-world application of species conservation under climate change involving both long-term species' storage in botanic gardens and moving of species' to new locations. Finally, The Fifth Dimension project studies the use of green roofs in cities for habitat provision for endangered plants and invertebrates. 

Dr. Lehvävirta is visiting Notre Dame for the week of Feb. 4 with two of her graduate students and would welcome one-on-one conversations with any Notre Dame researchers about climate change, climate change adaptation, and conservation. For scheduling information, contact Heather Asiala  or Jessica Hellmann  For more information about Dr. Lehvävirta, visit her website.

This seminar is sponsored by the Environmental Change Initiative

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