Nuclear Physics Seminar: Prospects for Nuclear Astrophysics Experiments in Korea


Location: 124 Nieuwland Science Hall


Prof. Kevin I. Hahn
Ewha Womans University, Korea


Korea will build the next generation of the radioactive ion beam accelerator facility called RAON, which is a new name for KoRIA. It will produce various types of beams, for example, uranium at 200 MeV/nucleon, from a superconducting linear accelerator as well as 70 MeV protons from a 70 kW cyclotron. We will produce radioactive beams from both the projectile fragmentation method and the ISOL method. The RAON facility in Korea is expected to play an important role for understanding the mechanism and origin of heavy elements. The challenges and prospects of nuclear astrophysics experiments and the current status of RAON in Korea will be discussed.

Seminar flyer: Prospects for Nuclear Astrophysics Experiments in Korea


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