Particle Physics Seminar: Prof. Nancy Marinelli


Location: 415 Nieuwland Science Hall


Nancy Marinelli
Research Assistant Professor
University of Notre Dame


Year 2012 was marked by the discovery of a new boson at the LHC at CERN, one of the golden decay channels used for the search being the decay to two photons. After the discovery, more pp interaction data were collected which added more insight to the properties of the newly discovered state. This seminar will show the preliminary results obtained by the CMS collaboration in the H->gamma gamma decay channel on the full data set collected during 2011 and 2012 at 7 and 8 TeV respectively. The search is performed in the mass range 110 to 150 GeV and results are interpreted in the context of the Standard Model.

Seminar flyer: Updated measurements of the Higgs-like boson at 125 GeV in the two photon decay channel


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