Conference: Motivic Invariants and Singularities

Location: 127 Hayes-Healy Center

The entire program will last June 3-7. View the event poster (1.35MB PDF).

Invited Speakers:

  • P. Aluffi (Tallahasse)
  • B. Bhatt (Michigan)
  • M. Blickle (Mainz)
  • A. Chambert-Loir (Orsay)
  • R. Cluckers (Lille)
  • T. de Fernex (Utah)
  • L. Ein (UIC)
  • M. Gonz├ílez Villa (Heidelberg)
  • J. Gordon (UBC)
  • E. Gorsky (Stony Brook)
  • L. Halle (Oslo)
  • K. Kedlaya (UCSD)
  • A. Libgober (UIC)
  • F. Loeser (UPMC)
  • L. Maxim (Wisconsin)
  • J. Nicaise (Leuven)
  • A. Reguera (Valladolid)
  • C. Schnell (Stony Brook)
  • J. Sebag (Rennes)
  • K. Tucker (Princeton)
  • W. Veys (Leuven)
  • V. Vologodsky (Oregon)
  • U. Walther (Purdue)

For more information, visit the Center for Mathematics website.

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