Condensed Matter and Biophysics Seminar: "Novel Magnetism in Iridates"


Location: 184 Nieuwland Science Hall


Shixiong Zhang
Department of Physics
University of Indiana

Novel Magnetism in Iridates

5d transition-metal oxides (e.g. iridates) have recently attracted growing interest because of their potential for realizing new topological phases, such as topological Mott insulators and Weyl semimetals, which can possibly arise from the interplay of strong spin-orbit coupling and electron correlation. In order to realize these topological states, it is essential to understand the magnetic properties as the electronic structures are strongly coupled with the magnetic ground states in these compounds. In this talk, Zhang will present recent studies of the magnetic properties of some important iridates, includin some potential Weyl semimetals and spin-orbit Mott Insulators.

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