Alumni Reunion Academic Seminar


Location: Jordan Hall of Science, Room 101/DVT

Academic Seminar: The Formation of Our Milky Way

Immerse yourself in the vast expanses of our universe as you learn what Notre Dame astronomers have just discovered about the location of the oldest stars in our very own galaxy – the Milky Way. One of the world’s top astronomers, Timothy Beers, will guide you through our galaxy as you experience 360 degree stargazing in the high resolution and high fidelity 50-foot digital dome in the University’s Digital Visualization Theater (DVT). Professor Beers studies the Milky Way’s origins and how the planets, stars, elements and everything around us was created. The chronographic (age) map he and his team of galactic archeologists have recently created will enable future critical tests of hierarchical galaxy formation models and the physical properties of the first stars born in the Universe.

Presenter: Timothy C. Beers, Ph.D., Chair, Galactic Archaeology, Professor, Astrophysics

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