Privacy Deja Vu: The Era of Big Data


Location: 101 Jordan Hall of Science

Saturday Science Exploration Series

Privacy and data security concerns are among the most critical issues in data collection, dissemination and analysis. After the first wave of privacy protection efforts in the late 1990s and early 2000s, privacy protection has found its way to the public eye, riding the wave of "big data." Big data has only become possible in recent years with advances in collection, storage, and interpretation of massive and complex data from medicine, financial institutions, social media, mobile devices, and online merchandisers, among others. While there are many benefits to the growth of big data analytics, traditional methods of privacy protections often fail. Anonymity is also eroded in a big data paradigm. Even if every individual piece of information is stripped of personal information, integration of the individual pieces can reveal the individual's identity. This talk will cover the potential harms arising from big data collection and some advances from the technical perspective in addressing these concerns without compromising the potential benefits big data can bring to society.   

Presenter: Fang Liu, Huisking Foundation, Inc. Assistant Professor of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics

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