Diversity, Culture, Religion in Science SC 53320(CRN: 15073)


Location: 101 Jordan Hall of Science

Course description

SC 53320(CRN:15073)  Diversity, Culture, Religion, in Science will introduce students to the role of cultural and religious diversity in science, its importance in an era of globalization, and the interesting questions that it raises. We want our students to be thought leaders in these discussions as they develop. Top speakers will talk about science and culture, religion and diversity from a sophisticated and scientific level–how these issues have shaped their careers, and how the issues are shaping the world of the future. The course will conclude with a talk on science and religion that demonstrates the vital connections of all these areas and brings them together to prepare our students for that world.

Although “science” is in the course title, all areas of diversity will be addressed and this course is open to all undergraduate and graduate students.

Speakers scheduled* to speak include Fred Biga, Vice President at Goldman Sachs; Fields Jackson, Founder and CEO of Racing Toward Diversity Magazine and Adjunct Professor, Chicago State University; Pamela Young, Director of Academic Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Notre Dame; Feranmi Okanlami, Family Medical Resident at Memorial Hospital; Dean Mary Galvin and Assistant Dean Earl Carter from the College of Science, among other speakers and faculty members.

The official last day to add the class is the Friday before the class (11/4/16).

*List of speakers subject to change.

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