Our Universe Revealed: Are We Alone? The Great Silence - An Exploration of the Fermi Paradox


Location: 101 Jordan Hall

Presenter: Jared Coughlin, Ph.D.

Tuesday, Oct. 17
101 Jordan Hall of Science
7 p.m.

Where is everybody? For as long as humans have looked up at the stars in the night sky, we have wondered whether we are alone in the universe. With an estimated number of Earth-like planets in our galaxy in the billions, the odds seem to favor the existence of many other civilizations. If even a small fraction of these are sending out signals or colonizing among the stars, we should have detected their presence by now. But we haven't. This unexpected silence is known as the Fermi Paradox. Jared Coughlin will discuss potential solutions to this problem, as well as the central question: How common is intelligent life in the universe?

About this series:

The laws of physics govern everything in the universe, from the smallest components in atoms to the largest structures in the cosmos. Hosted by the Department of Physics at the University of Notre DameOur Universe Revealed aims to make Physics accessible to all by explaining phenomena in the world around us in easy to understand language – there’s no science background needed!

During this series, find out about the fundamentals of the universe, results from the forefront of Physics as well as hearing about the cutting-edge research being undertaken at Notre Dame.

Join us as we explore, explain and reveal the mysteries of the universe around us.

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