Our Universe Revealed: The Rise of the Machines


Location: Online

Olaf Wiest, Ph.D., University of Notre Dame 

7 p.m. ET Tuesday, April 28

Online Streaming

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fairly new and powerful tool that touches all aspects of our lives, and science is no different. But what is AI anyway, and how can we use it ? How can it help us to discover the next drug, or the next high-tech material to solve our energy problems?  And, once we know what we should make, can AI help us to make it ? Prof. Olaf Wiest, director of Notre Dame's Center for Computer Assisted Synthesis, will discuss the basics of AI and share some recent applications. 

Zoom: https://notredame.zoom.us/j/724722144 (Meeting ID is 724-722-144).

YouTube: https://bit.ly/2WqK1jq

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