2021 Welcome Weekend

Welcome Weekend for New Students includes a wide array of programming for students and families. A full list of Welcome Weekend activities is available at welcomeweekend.nd.edu, but all science-specific programming is shown below:

Time Event Host(s) Location

Coffee, bagels, and pastries

  Jordan Hall Galleria
9:00-10:00 Welcome to the College of Science (presentation slides) Interim Dean Michael Hildreth & Associate Dean Dan Gezelter 101 and 105 Jordan Hall
10:30-noon First Lectures (students only) There are many more first lectures available, but these are from Science faculty:
  Question everything: paradoxes, surprises and counterintuitive truths Professor David Galvin 118 Nieuwland Hall
  Developing Great Research and Study Habits in Science Professor & Associate Dean Mary Anne McDowell 138 Debartolo Hall
  You've made it to college... Now what? Navigating academic rigor and staying whole in the process Professor Nancy Michael 101 Jordan Hall
  Navigating university life and how to make the most of the next 4 years Professor Philippe Collon 123 Nieuwland Hall
1:30-3:30 Drop in meet and greet Advisors & Directors of Undergraduate Studies  
  Science - First Year advising Assistant Deans Laura Flynn and David Veselik 3rd floor landing, Jordan Hall
  Applied & Computational Mathematics & Statistics Professor Alan Huebner Jordan Reading Room
  Biological Sciences Professor Jennifer Robichaud Jordan Hall Galleria
  Chemistry & Biochemistry

Professor DeeAnne Goodenough-Lashua

325 Jordan Hall
  Environmental Sciences Professor Dominic Chaloner Jordan Hall Galleria
  Mathematics Professor Sonja Mapes Jordan Reading Room
  Neuroscience & Behavior Professors Nancy Michael & Rachel  Branco 4th floor landing, Jordan Hall
  Physics Professor Philippe Colon 213 Jordan Hall or Jordan Sundial (weather permitting)
  Science Preprofessional Major & Advising Assistant Dean Kathleen Kolberg 2nd floor landing, Jordan Hall
  Science collegiate majors (Science-Business, Science-Computing, Science-Education) Sister Kathleen Cannon & Assistant Dean Arielle Phillips 3rd floor landing, Jordan Hall
  Minor in Compassionate Care and Medicine Professor Dominic Vachon 2nd floor landing, Jordan Hall
  Minor in Science & Patient Advocacy Barbara Calhoun, MSN, RN, PNP 2nd floor landing, Jordan Hall
  Minor in Sustainability Professor Phil Sakimoto Jordan Hall Galleria
1:30-3:30 Museum of Biodiversity Open House Professor Barbara Hellenthal, Curator 157 Jordan Hall
1:30-2:00 Digital Visualization Theater Show Professor Keith Davis 100 Jordan Hall
2:00-2:45 Preparing for the Health Professions Father James Foster 105 Jordan Hall
3:00-3:30 Digital Visualization Theater Show Professor Keith Davis 100 Jordan Hall