2021 College of Science Diploma Ceremony


Location: Notre Dame Stadium

May 22, 2021

Beginning at 11:30 am, graduating seniors will check in at the tables in the concourse inside the Rockne Gate at Notre Dame Stadium to pick up student cards indicating each student’s name, phonetic spelling, and seat number. The cards will be arranged in alphabetical order for pick up purposes, but students will be seated alphabetically within their departments. Students must be in their seats by 12:15 pm. Arrival times by majors as follows:

11:30 am: MATH, PHYS, PHIM, SCBU and SCCO majors

11:40 am: BCHM, CHEM, CHBU, BIOS, ES, and NSBH majors

11:50 am: ACMS, STAT, and SCPP majors 

Please visit our 2021 Diploma Ceremony page for more information

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