Junior Parents Weekend

Jpw 1200

2022 Junior Parents Weekend | College of Science Collegiate Academic Workshop

Details subject to change. Visit the Junior Parents Weekend website for more information.
At this time, masks are required in Jordan Hall.

Saturday, February 19, 2022
In person and streaming at https://studios.nd.edu/live/

8:45–9:45 am  Health Professions Application Meeting followed by Q&A

105 Jordan Hall Rev. James K. Foster, C.S.C., Associate Dean, Chair of Preprofessional Studies, Director of the Center for Health Sciences Advising
101 Jordan Hall Kathleen J.S. Kolberg, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Health Professions Advisor & Maureen Dawson, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Director of Arts & Letters Pre-health supplementary major

9:30 am–12 pm  Museum of Biodiversity Open House, 102 Jordan Hall of Science

10–11 am  Welcome from the Deans & Student Panel Discussion, 105 Jordan Hall of Science with broadcast in 101 for overflow seating

Santiago Schnell, William K. Warren Foundation Dean of the College of Science, Professor of Biological Sciences and Professor of ACMS
Dan Gezelter, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Student Panel participants:

  • Kayla Anderson, Biological Sciences
  • Jenna Kautzky, Chem/Biochem
  • Molly DeLuca, Physics
  • Gabrielle Keller, Science Business 

Faculty moderator, Rebecca WingertElizabeth and Michael Gallagher Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

11:15–11:45 am  Departmental programming in Jordan Hall:

  • ACMS, Room 402
  • Biological Sciences, Room 101
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry, Reading Room
  • Mathematics, Room 322
  • Physics, Room 325
  • Science Business/Computing/Education, Room 302
  • Neuroscience & Behavior, Room 105
  • Compassionate Care in Medicine Minor, Room 100 (DVT)
  • Science & Patient Advocacy, Room 310

Download a PDF of the program.