2014 Ace for Science

Ace for Science 2014

In it's inaugural year, Ace for Science raised a total $8,000 in 2014 to provide grants for science projects around the South Bend community.

Tournament Winners

  • Jim and Teeter Sexton
  • Jill Weber and Jessica Rink
  • Mary Prorok and Nick Simeri

Ace for Science 2014

Funded Projects

Madison Primary simple machines

Madison Primary Center
Science Discovery Lab equipment

"Our Ace for Science grant allowed us to purchase a variety of hands-on materials for use in our Science Discovery Lab, including an inclined plane, pulley, pendulum, gear rack, and motion converter.  We were also able to purchase microscopes for use in the lab.  Thank you for helping the students at Madison Primary Center to appreciate the value and excitement of scientific study." —Mary Thorpe, Instructional Coach


Nuner Primary Center
Hydroponics lab equipment

Warren Primary Center
Lego robotics, Science Discovery Area, and STEM Exploration and Wonder Station

"We used the funds to buy eight WeDo Lego kits. The students are building robots and experimenting with the various ways that the robots can move through a computer program that came with the kit. This is great fun for them while having an educational activity. —Donna Beasley

"Thank you for providing us the grant money to build our Kindergarten Tinker Time Lab. With grant funds, I was able to purchase many different kinds of materials to enhance our science learning station. The children are enjoying the science supplies while learning about the "how" and "why" things happen. This has inspired them to foster their own innate need to wonder, ask questions, and learn. Thank you for your support for our classroom. —Amy Troyer, Kindergarten Teacher

Clay Intermediate School
School-wide science fair

Clay High School Milikan apparatus users

Clay High School
Millikan apparatus (for physics)

Riley High School
Model rocketry and meteorology equipment

Rise Up Academy rocket assembly

Rise Up Academy
Earth and space science—rocketry equipment

Biochemistry materials

"Thanks for proving science materials to enhance my curriculum. My chemistry class finished the semester with a unit on "Chemistry and the Body." I was able to incorporate the "Analysis of Drugs & Poisons" kit quite nicely. The students learned about the chemical make-up and effects of both over-the-counter and illegal drugs. The students gained a deeper understanding of how chemistry is an integral part of their daily lives through hands-on activities taht engaged them in the lesson. This is learning at its best. —Chris Eberhardt, Chemistry Teacher


Gold Tennis Ball Sponsors
  • GTA Innovations
  • Urban Adventure Games
Orange Tennis Ball Sponsors
  • Ansari Family Foundation
  • Dean Greg Crawford
  • Gerber Family Fund
  • Inn at Saint Marys
  • Lexus of Michiana
  • McDonald Physical Therapy