2015 Ace for Science

Ace for Science 2015 project funding recipients

The 2015 Ace for Science raised over $10,700 for the following projects in South Bend Schools.

Funded Projects

Adams High School

  • Spirometers for IB Biology Class
  • Flight Simulator (Intro to Flight Class

Clay Intermediate

  • Science Fair boards

 Harrison Primary

  • Trip to hydroelectric dam

Jefferson Intermediate

  • Robotics kits

Ace for Science 2015

LaSalle Academy

  • Science Olympiad

Madison Primary

  • Club Invention (after-school unit)

Montessori at Brown

  • Aeroponic garden towers

Navarre Intermediate

  • Roller coaster project
  • iPad/3D pens/software bots & bugs

Riley High School

  • AP Environmental Science

Rise Up Academy

  • Update simulators (Introduction to Flight Class)

Ace for Science 2015

Tarkington Traditional

  • iPad & science apps

Tournament Results

6.0 Flight - Joy Lankford and Rebecca Smith
7.0 Flight - Dan Bardayan and Kathy Peterson
8.0 Flight - Darla Lippert and Laura Whitney


Thank you to our generous 2015 Ace for Science sponsors!

Gold Tennis Ball Sponsors

  • Serim Research Corporation
  • GTA Innovations

Ace for Science 2015

Orange Tennis Ball Sponsors

  • Data Realty
  • Margaret Dobrowolska-Furdyna, Ph.D.
  • Gerber Family Fund
  • Inn at Saint Marys
  • Kelly Cares Foundation
  • Lexus of Michiana
  • McDonald Physical Therapy
  • Schafer Industries

Red Tennis Ball Sponsors

  • Barnes & Thornburg 
  • Notre Dame Federal Credit Union
  • Kerri & Tracy Graham