Committee on Sustainability

White Field wind turbine


To identify, discuss, research, communicate, and publicize energy related and sustainability problems, issues, and challenges as they relate to the Notre Dame, South Bend, state, national, and global communities.


The College of Science Committee on Sustainability (COSCOS) will become a key resource on the Notre Dame campus for individuals or groups of individuals interested in studying energy use and sustainability, and in applying sustainability principles and methods to specific human problems and activities.

The Committee will identify strategic areas of study and engage COS and other faculty with energy-related interests, including global climate change, alternative energy research, and sustainability.

The Committee will promote active research by stimulating and supporting new energy-related and sustainability research proposals involving COS faculty. The Committee will raise the level of awareness of sustainability issues within the Notre Dame community through oral and written communication, courses, meetings, seminars, workshops, and symposia.

The Committee will engage in community outreach efforts at local elementary and high schools to promote a culture of sustainability in future generations. COSCOS will also engage local and national policymakers to inform them about scientific understanding on issues related to energy and sustainability.

Committee Members

Margaret Dobrowolska-Furdyna (Physics)
Jessica Hellmann (Biological Sciences)
Prashant Kamat (Radiation Laboratory)
Ken Kuno (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Anthony Serianni (Chemistry and Biochemistry): Coordinator