Tuberculosis research at Notre Dame

Garrett Moraski and Marvin Miller

Tuberculosis is a widespread infectious disease that has infected one-third of the world's population. It often affects the most vulnerable--the sick and the poor in developing countries.  More people have died of TB than of any other disease in the world.

No new drugs have been developed in the last 40 years to battle TB and resistant (MDR / XDR) strains are on the rise. 

“Every 20 seconds someone dies of tuberculosis; the research we are doing has the potential to help stop tuberculosis.” - Marvin Miller

Marvin Miller, George and Winifred Clark Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and his research team have been working on TB research for 10 years.  They have developed a compound that has the potential to stop TB and are now working with partners like the Lilly TB Drug Discovery Initiative to transition their discovery into an affordable, anti-tuberculosis treatment that can be easily distributed to patients.

Compare the potency (245kb PDF) of Notre Dame's new potential TB treatment to other TB drugs currently available in the marketplace.

"Even if one life is saved by this research, it is worth it." - Garrett Moraski, former member of the Miller laboratory at the University of Notre Dame

What would you fight for? Help us fight tuberculosis.

Support this research at Notre Dame and help us stop tuberculosis. Donated funds will be used to advance TB research at Notre Dame, including work by Prof. Miller and other University faculty.