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Training the next generation of medical doctors and scientists.

Research is the most important way our science students can apply what they learn in a classroom and address a broad range of real world problems and tough research questions. Further, it is an excellent opportunity to prepare a student for graduate and medical programs. The number of undergraduates doing research for credit and the number of students presenting their research at conferences and symposia continues to increase each year.

Many of our undergraduates engage in genuine research experiences with faculty members in order to understand the complexity of research and the broader problems the research is addressing. We seek to create even more undergraduate research opportunities for our students so they can learn from our faculty—the problem definers—of the broad and challenging dilemmas facing contemporary scientists. This experiential learning introduces students to open-ended problems with no obvious answers— challenging their creativity, imagination, and ingenuity.

Learn why our undergraduates value their research experiences.

We continually need a diversity of options for students to do research to reflect the variety of circumstances in which students find themselves. From research on campus to research in industry or other collaborations, each research opportunity can provide a unique challenge to maximize a student's interest and develop a strong foundation of their own scientific ability.

The College of Science has been very fortunate to have received generous support to provide these competitive research opportunities, but as the number of students seeking undergraduate research opportunities grows, so does the need of funding. At current funding levels, we simply cannot sustain the current demand from undergraduates who want to take on exciting research projects.  To continue the placement of our students in the best and most competitive graduate and medical programs, additional funding for Undergraduate Research Opportunities will be needed.

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