Chemistry & Biochemistry


The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry offers separate Ph.D. programs in Chemistry and Biochemistry.  Although they differ in research emphasis, both degree programs follow similar outlines of study. Students who complete the graduate program become well-rounded scientists who can take on leadership roles in industry, academia, or government.


The Ph.D. program in chemistry encompasses all areas of modern chemical research, including organic, physical, inorganic, and analytical chemistry. Interdisciplinary research is highly valued, and it is not uncommon in the department to find chemistry researchers investigating biological questions or working closely with physicists or engineers.


The Ph.D. program in biochemistry is designed to train students in the chemical underpinnings of biological processes and encompasses all areas of modern biochemistry, from cell and molecular biology to computational biophysics. Interdisciplinary research is highly valued, and it is not uncommon in the department to find chemists and biochemists working side by side, researching different aspects of the same question.

Chemistry Graduate Student Organization

Founded in 2014, the Chemistry Graduate Student Organization (CGSO), represents all graduate students in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. The group, which is led by seven officers and eight elected representatives, coordinates departmental, campus, and community events, often in collaboration with other groups in the College of Science, focused on professionalism, social connections, and service. Annual outreach efforts include Expanding Your Horizons, a conference for middle school girls; the You Be the Chemist Challenge, a tutoring connection and contest for local middle school students; a book and school supply donation drive; partnership with Habitat for Humanity; participation in Relay for Life, an AIDS walk, and other outreach programs. 


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