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3-D Animations Depict Lieberman’s Work

Author: Gene Stowe


The work of Marya Lieberman, associate professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, has been depicted in three educational, engaging 3-D animations that make technical subject matter accessible to students and the general public. Lieberman is a member of the Notre Dame Center for Nanoscience and Technology and studies how such DNA Origami interact with semiconductor surfaces and how the origami could serve as templates for nanoelectronic circuits.…

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Balsara NSF Grant Advances Computational Astrophysics Research

Author: Gene Stowe


Dinshaw Balsara, associate professor of physics, has won a National Science Foundation grant to advance his groundbreaking work that has application to science and engineering in general as well as astrophysics in particular. The grant, “Multidimensional Riemann Solvers and Higher Order Schemes with AMR for Computational Astrophysics” is related to Balsara’s “Numerical PDE Techniques for Scientists and Engineers,” text and software used in an interdisciplinary Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics/Physics course.

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Journal of Organic Chemistry Cites Miller as Prolific Author

Author: Marissa Gebhard


Editor-in-Chief C. Dale Poulter and the Journal of Organic Chemistry Associate Editors have recognized 79 prominent authors as ones who have made the most significant contributions to the journal in its first 75 years of publication.

Marvin Miller, The George and Winifred Clark Chair in Chemistry, is listed at number 47. The journal states, “There is no doubt that these authors and others have been the key to establishing and maintaining The Journal of Organic Chemistry as the leading and most cited journal in the field of organic chemistry.”

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CBBI Program Awards 16 Fellowships

Author: Gene Stowe

The Chemistry, Biochemistry Biology Interface Program (CBBI) has announced the CBBI Fellowship Awards for 2010-2011. The fellowships carry an annual stipend of $26,000 plus health insurance and travel support for research internship.

The fellowship recipients include Esther Braselmann, Mary Cloutier, Brandon Haines, Joshua Lee, Cheng Ji, Daniel Scott, Jordan Scott, Erin Cole, Michelle Favila, Major Gooyit, Apryle O’Farrell, Yao Shen, Mark Wacker, Rosanne Frederick and Bryan Smith.…

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New York Times: “Researchers Create Nanostructures, and Whip Up a Recipe, Too”

Author: Kenneth Chang

Class of 2010 Ph.D. graduate Jeremiah Gassensmith is now a member of a research team at Northwestern University that is working to create a class of structures known as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) that are rigid and porous.

The group’s edible nanostructures were featured in a recent New York Times article stating, “Because they are made from widely available compounds used in the food industry, the Northwestern nanostructures are cheaper and easier to make than previous metal-organic frameworks, which are generally synthesized out of petroleum products."…

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