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Ph.D. alumna receives APS award

Author: Marissa Gebhard


The American Physical Society (APS) has recognized Notre Dame physics alumna Reka Albert as the recipient of the Maria Goeppert Mayer Award for her imaginative and pioneering studies of networks.

Albert received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Babes-Bolyai University in Romania. She earned her Ph.D. in physics from Notre Dame in 2001, working with Prof. Albert-Laszlo Barabasi. Albert did postdoctoral research in mathematical biology at the University of Minnesota, working with Hans G. Othmer. She joined the Pennsylvania State University in 2003, where she currently is a professor of physics with adjunct appointments in the Department of Biology and the College of Information Science and Technology. 

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Archie receives NSF CAREER Award

Author: Gene Stowe


Elizabeth Archie, assistant professor of biological sciences has won a National Science Foundation CAREER Award, $750,000 across five years. The award, from the Animal Behavior Panel, will support her research into the spread of disease among wild animals.

“A lot of my work is looking at how social behavior shapes patterns of disease transmission in wild animals – how parasites and pathogens move in populations of wild animals,” Archie says, adding that the transmission patterns are largely unknown. “It’s hard to track how parasites and pathogens move from one animal to another in the wild.”…

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Libal’s honored Physics Ph.D. thesis now a published book

Author: Gene Stowe


Andras Libal, who earned his Ph.D. in Physics at Notre Dame in 2007 and won the department’s Best Thesis Award, has published a book with the material. “Simulation Studies of non-equilibrium collective phenomena in colloids” is a synthesis of four papers Libal wrote on the subject. His adviser was Boldizsar Janko.…

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