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Ansel Nalin and Matthew Metzinger win Batten Fellowships

Author: Michael Rodio


The researchers at the Harper Cancer Research Institute are some of the best minds in their fields, with decades of scientific research experience in the fight against cancer. But some of Institute’s top researchers haven’t even finished college yet.

And even though Ansel Nalin ’14 and Matthew Metzinger ’15 still have to contend with midterms and homework (to say nothing of dining hall food), the two College of Science undergraduates are performing serious research in the fight against cancer—thanks to research funding from the Notre Dame College of Science.

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Notre Dame astrophysicist determines occurrence rate of giant planets around M-dwarfs

Author: Gene Stowe

Justin Crepp

A study led by Notre Dame astrophysicist Justin Crepp has for the first time definitively determined how many of the lowest-mass stars in the galaxy host gas giant planets. The researchers’ paper, “The Occurrence Rate of Giant Planets around M-dwarfs,” was posted to arXiv this week and submitted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal.

The group used ground-based imaging observations in combination with the Doppler radial velocity method to determine that 6.5 percent of low-mass stars, the so-called “M-dwarfs,” have planets located within 20 astronomical units, including the outer regions where researchers previously could not access.

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Notre Dame-Bruker partnership promotes advancements in imaging

Author: Marissa Gebhard

Example PET, SPECT and CT images from the Albira at the Notre Dame In Vivo Imaging Facility

The University of Notre Dame has established a formal partnership with Bruker Corp., a world leader in scientific instrumentation. The partnership will develop one of the Midwest’s top imaging facilities at Notre Dame. The arrangement, called Bruker at Notre Dame (BAND), will allow the Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility (NDIIF) and Bruker to collaborate on research, training and new application development.

Robert J. Bernhard, Notre Dame’s vice president for research, said the agreement will accelerate a wide range of research, education and outreach activities. “The partnership will enable Notre Dame students and faculty to utilize innovative technology from Bruker in our programs, which we believe will also inform Bruker about future markets,” he said. “We believe this partnership will be mutually beneficial to both parties and are very pleased to formalize our relationship.”

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Notre Dame researchers offer new insights on cancer cell signaling

Author: William G. Gilroy

Wnt proteins and cancer cell signaling

A pair of studies by a team of University of Notre Dame researchers led by Crislyn D’Souza-Schorey, professor of biological sciences, sheds light on a biological process that is activated across a vast range of malignancies.

Wnt proteins are a large family of proteins that activate signaling pathways (a set of biological reactions in a cell) to control several vital steps in embryonic development. In adults, Wnt-mediated functions are frequently altered in many types of cancers and, specifically, within cell subpopulations that possess stem cell-like properties.

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Renee Bouley selected to receive prestigious ACS Predoctoral Fellowship

Author: Rebecca Hicks

Renee Bouley

Renee Bouley, a third year graduate student in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, has been selected to receive a prestigious American Chemical Society (ACS) Division of Medicinal Chemistry Predoctoral Fellowship.  Bouley is one of only four recipients chosen for the 2013-2014 cycle.

This award supports doctoral candidates working in the area of medicinal chemistry who have demonstrated superior achievements as graduate students and who show potential for future work as independent investigators. These fellowships have been awarded annually since 1991 and include one year stipend support and an invitation to present the fellow’s research results at a special awards session at the ACS National Meeting.

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