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NDIIF announces awards for best imaging publications

Author: Provided

2013 NDIIF Imaging Awards

The Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility (NDIIF) is pleased to announce two awards for best imaging publications for calendar year 2013.

The 2013 Best Biological Imaging Publication was awarded to Giles E. Duffield, associate professor of biological sciences. Duffield and his coworkers have pioneered the use of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) to monitor the daily rhythms of small living animals.

The 2013 Best Electron Microscopy Imaging Publication 2013 was awarded to Khachatur V. Manukyan, Ph.D., a post-doctoral research associate in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

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Math for Everyone discusses how topology has helped lead to breakthroughs in Silicon Valley and cancer research

Author: Shadia Ajam

Arlo Cane, Math for Everyone

This past Thursday (Mar. 20) at the Math for Everyone lecture series, Arlo Caine, assistant professor of mathematics and statistics at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, gave a presentation titled “The Shape of Information.” His lecture was focused on an ingenuous application of an existing mathematical theory that’s relevant for the 21st century, particularly in helping people understand how to think about large data sets of information.

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Notre Dame scientists develop largest developmental proteomic data set for any animal

Author: Gene Stowe and Marissa Gebhard

Xenopus laevis, or African clawed frog

Now that the human genome is sequenced, University of Notre Dame researchers are focusing on the study of the proteome, which is the protein content of an organism, tissue or cell. Bioanalytical chemist Norman Dovichi and molecular biologist Paul Huber have successfully tracked the changing patterns of protein expression during early development of Xenopus laevis, or African clawed frog, embryos. They have developed the largest data set on developmental proteomics for any organism, and have included the single-cell zygote.

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Notre Dame physicists investigate plasma tool for destroying cancer cells

Author: Marissa Gebhard and Gene Stowe

Sylwia Ptasinska

Notre Dame researchers led by Sylwia Ptasinska, assistant professor of physics, have observed significant DNA damage in cancer cells irradiated by atmospheric pressure plasma, a new radiation source. They have recently published their research in the European Physical Journal D in an article titled, “Plasmid DNA damage induced by Helium Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet.”

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Science Policy Ethics seminar takes students to Washington, D.C.

Author: Rachel Cotton, '14

Washington, D

Last week during spring break, students in the College of Science and Center for Social Concerns seminar, Science Policy Ethics: Guiding Science Through the Regulation of Research and Funding, traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with individuals and agencies at the intersection of science and government.

Now in its second year, the seminar explores the life cycle of science in Washington through  the framework of values, ethics, and Catholic Social Teaching. Specifically, the seminar examines  why Congress invests federal funds into scientific research, how research is regulated and priorities are set, and how science is communicated among scientists, lobbyists, government, federal agencies, and industry.

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Are you looking for a summer internship?

Author: Stephanie Healey

Innovation Park

Many of the businesses at Innovation Park are hiring Notre Dame students for the summer.  Any students looking for an internship are encouraged to learn more about the businesses on the Innovation Park website and directly contact the CEO of companies they find interesting.

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University Accreditation Site Visit

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Main Building in the Spring

A team from the Higher Learning Commission will be on campus March 31 through April 2 as part of the University accreditation process that takes places every 10 years.

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Second largest research award at Notre Dame fights malaria and dengue fever

Author: Marissa Gebhard

Neil Lobo and Nicole Achee

University of Notre Dame biologists Nicole Achee and Neil Lobo are leaders of an international $23 million research grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Their five-year project will generate the data required to show the effectiveness of a new paradigm in mosquito control — spatial repellency — for the prevention of two important mosquito-borne diseases: malaria and dengue fever.

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Climbing program making a difference in lives of young people

Author: William G. Gilroy


A novel University of Notre Dame program is using rock climbing as means of connecting South Bend area young people to the outdoors while teaching them important life lessons.

Founded by Victoria Lam, a Notre Dame doctoral student in biology, the program is titled “Triple C.” The “C’s” stand for camping, climbing and cameras.

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Chemistry major uses scientific knowledge to help others

Author: Angela Cavalieri

Mary Wickert

Junior chemistry major, Mary Wickert, aspires to use her scientific knowledge to help others – both in and out of the laboratory. She is currently considering applying to the Alliance for Catholic Education program next year to pursue a Master’s Degree in Education and teach high school chemistry. This semester, Wickert is working in the lab of Amanda Hummon, the Walther Cancer Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, whose focus is the biology of cancer, specifically colorectal cancer.

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Notre Dame undergraduate finds inspiration in the laboratory

Author: Angela Cavalieri

Katia Fernandez Soto

In the United States, about one out of eight women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. Undergraduates working with Jenifer Prosperi, assistant professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at Indiana University School of Medicine-South Bend, seek to increase our understanding of underlying mechanisms of the process of breast cancer. Junior science preprofessional major, Katia Fernandez, is currently studying the response of breast cancer cells to chemotherapy, focusing on the APC tumor suppressor.

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Collaboration forum plants seeds for STEM growth

Author: Provided

Collaboration Forum 2014

When the College of Science hosted the seventh annual Collaborating for Education and Research Forum at Jordan Hall of Science recently, growing connections converged between local educators, business and community leaders, academia, and K-12 classrooms for a potentially huge payout.

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Department of Biological Sciences graduate program earns additional top ratings

Author: Stephanie Healey

Galvin Life Science Center

As a follow-up to its “Top Biology Grad Programs” list published last fall, recently released its “Dean’s List” of top biology graduate programs in the areas of career support, school use of technology, financial aid, and education quality. The graduate program in the Department of Biological Sciences at University of Notre Dame was ranked fourth for career support and sixth for financial aid.

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