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Alumnus opens Hesburgh Hospital in Ecuador

Author: Ann Kovar Miller

Hesburgh Hospital

This summer, business major-turned physician, Dr. David Gaus, helped to open Hesburgh Hospital on behalf of Andean Health & Development, a nonprofit aimed at providing quality and sustainable healthcare for rural poor in the Ecuador.

Through the inspiration of Fr. Hesburgh, Dr. Gaus attended medical school and determined to use his degree for good: by providing residents of rural Ecuador affordable, accessible medical care. In 2000, he founded the Pedro Vicente Maldonado. Since then, the hospital has treated more than 75,000 patients, including 2,500 childbirths, 1,200 surgeries and 7,500 emergencies.

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Graduate School honors Steven Corcelli

Author: Mary Hendriksen

Steven Corcelli

During Commencement season 2015, the Graduate School bestowed four prestigious awards: the Distinguished Alumnus Award; the James A. Burns, CSC Award; the Director of Graduate Studies Award; and the Graduate Administrative Staff Member Award.

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Graduate School announces 2015 Shaheen Award winners

Author: Mary Hendriksen

Main Building

The Graduate School at the University of Notre Dame is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Eli J. and Helen Shaheen Graduate School Awards. This year, two students from the lab of Prashant Kamat, the Rev. John A. Zahm Professor of Science, were honored with Shaheen Awards.

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Undergraduates attend Center for Math summer program

Author: Gene Stowe

Math Conference

The Undergraduate Summer School hosted by the Center for Mathematics at Notre Dame attracted more than 30 students from around the world to hear talks from leading mathematicians and network with faculty and fellow students. The event, May 19-22, is the first of three related gatherings in a thematic program that has been organized by the center each year since 2011. This year’s organizers were François Ledrappier of Notre Dame, Françoise Dal'Bo of the Universite de Rennes in France, and Amie Wilkinson of the University of Chicago.

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Notre Dame astrophysicist part of team that catches a supernova in the act of exploding

Author: William G. Gilroy

Peter Garnavich, professor of physics

It is one of the fundamental questions that remain unanswered in astrophysics: What are the progenitor stars of a “type Ia” supernovae? A new paper in the journal Nature by University of Notre Dame astrophysicist Peter Garnavich and a team of researchers describes how they used the Kepler Space Telescope to catch three stars in the act of exploding. The results shed light on which stars generate these energetic outbursts.

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Notre Dame team develops sleep-enhancing app and tools

Author: Gene Stowe

Somni products

A team of Notre Dame entrepreneurs has developed a sleep-enhancing kit and app designed to boost college students’ healthy rest, memory, learning, and mental health. The approach is based on the research of Jessica Payne, the Nancy O'Neill Associate Professor of Psychology and director of the Sleep Stress and Memory Lab. Matt Berg, who received his undergraduate degree in science-business in 2012 and master’s degree in the entrepreneurship master's program (ESTEEM) in 2013, and junior Ryan Gannett work with Payne. Their company, Somni, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for kit manufacturing and app development.

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Aquaponics across the spectrum

Author: Stephanie Healey

Shella Raja

Through a multidisciplinary approach, the sustainability minor at Notre Dame prepares students to serve as leaders in their communities by making constructive and substantive contributions to the development of more sustainable practices for the benefit of their own personal and professional lives, the lives of others, and the lives of future generations.

As part of the minor, students are required to complete a capstone project of their choice during their senior year. Shella Raja, a biological sciences major, and double minor in anthropology and sustainability, took a unique approach to her project and decided to incorporate a community service component with her research.

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College of Science seniors honored at annual luncheon

Author: Stephanie Healey

2015 Dean's Awards Luncheon

The top graduating seniors in the College of Science were honored at the annual Dean’s Awards Luncheon on Friday, May 15 in the Jordan Hall of Science. Gregory Crawford, William K. Warren Dean of the College of Science, presented the Dean’s Award and Dean’s Research Award and the chairs of each department recognized the top students in each of their majors.  In addition, Anthony Hyder, professor of physics, was awarded the Shilts/Leonard Teaching Award.

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Anthony Hyder receives Shilts/Leonard Award

Author: Stephanie Healey

Anthony Hyder

Anthony Hyder, professor of physics, received the Rev. James Shilts, C.S.C./Doris and Eugene Leonard Teaching Award at the annual College of Science Dean’s Awards Luncheon on Friday, May 15. As the college’s highest teaching honor, the award was named in honor of Rev. James Shilts, C.S.C., who taught in the Department of Physics from 1961 until 1982, and is presented annually for excellence in teaching at the undergraduate and/or graduate level.

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Anna Kottkamp: 2015 Valedictory Address

Author: Notre Dame News

Anna Kottkamp, valedictorian of the 2015 graduating class, delivers the valedictory address

Lord Patton, Father Jenkins, distinguished faculty and guests, dearly loved family and friends, and fellow graduates: It is an honor to stand before you. Today we, the Class of 2015, receive our diplomas, the official certification that we know everything an undergraduate could possibly hope to know. After all the tests, essays and late nights, this piece of paper shouts to the world that we are finally finished learning.

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NDnano awards summer undergraduate fellowships

Author: Provided by NDnano


NDnano is pleased to announce that the center has awarded NDnano Undergraduate Research Fellowships (NURF) to several students for the summer of 2015. The students will work with the research team of an NDnano faculty member on a 10-week project in nanoscience or nanoengineering.

"The NURF program is a highly competitive international program that provides aspiring engineers and scientists the rare and exciting opportunity to collaborate with world-renowned nanotechnology researchers on projects that may ultimately contribute to products and solutions that yield significant societal benefits," commented David Balkin, Ph.D., managing director of NDnano. "As always, we look forward to seeing what these great students will accomplish over the summer and are excited to provide fantastic experiences that can significantly influence participants' future career directions."

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Thirty percent of corporations say climate change has impacted business materially

Author: Notre Dame News

Climate change

An inaugural survey examining how corporations are addressing the need to adapt their business operations to changing climate conditions reveals that 30 percent already have experienced a material impact to their business operations from climate events. It also found that 30 percent of respondents across a wide range of sectors don’t have a climate adaptation plan or strategies in place.

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2015 Naughton Fellowship awardees announced

Author: Joanne Fahey

Trinity College

Twenty-one winners of the Naughton Fellowships were announced today by the Graduate School. The research fellowships were awarded to undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. students from Notre Dame and from Ireland. This year’s winners from Notre Dame represent three Notre Dame colleges and schools, including arts and letters, engineering, and science.

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Hubble finds massive halo around the Andromeda Galaxy

Author: Marissa Gebhard

Nicolas Lehner, left, and J. Christopher Howk

University of Notre Dame astrophysicist Nicolas Lehner has led a team of scientists who have used NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope to identify an immense halo of gas surrounding the Andromeda Galaxy, the nearest major galaxy to Earth. The halo stretches about a million light-years from Andromeda, halfway to the Milky Way. The discovery will tell astronomers more about the evolution and structure of giant spiral galaxies such as the Milky Way and Andromeda.

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Faculty awards honor exemplary work in undergraduate teaching and advising

Author: Michael O. Garvey

Presidential Seal

Twenty University of Notre Dame faculty members have received Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, C.S.C., Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, and three have been honored with Dockweiler Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising. Six award winners are from the College of Science.

The awards are presented by the Office of the Provost, but recipients are selected through a process that includes peer and student nominations.

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Talk Science showcases research on semiconductor layered material and low-quality medicine in the developing world

Author: Shadia Ajam

Talk Science

The students from Scientia, the undergraduate journal of scientific research, host a monthly seminar series called Talk Science that highlights the work of undergraduate and faculty researchers at the University. This semester, Talk Science events focused on research that can be applied in innovative ways. April’s presenters were senior physics major Katrina Magno and Marya Lieberman, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry.

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DNA Learning Center to host summer science camps

Author: Gene Stowe

DNA Learning Center

High school and grade school students from around the country will be able to experience the life of a Notre Dame science student for a week this summer. The Notre Dame DNA Learning Center will hold week-long residential camps this summer for students who are entering grades 8 through 11, and day camps for students who are entering grades 7 through 10.

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Patel receives Springer Thesis Award in Physics

Author: Shelly Goethals


“A Study of the Isoscalar Giant Monopole Resonance,” the thesis by Darshana Patel, Ph.D., a January 2015 graduate from the Department of Physics at the University of Notre Dame, has been accepted into Springer Theses. Springer Theses tabs itself as the “best of the best.”

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