The ICSB Summer Program for Educators


The Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Biocomplexity (ICSB) at the University of Notre Dame uses mathematical and computational modeling to run predictive simulations and suggest new biological experiments.  Collaborating with science and math teachers from local high schools in Indiana and Michigan, the center is now hoping to expand the use of these models from the laboratory to the classroom.

Educators can learn about classroom applications of these models, which explain the relationship between mathematical modeling and biological systems, through the ICSB summer program, or through a host of self-explanatory online tutorials.  The ICSB also seeks direct student involvement through their continuing Immersion Program.  This program, in collaboration with Notre Dame Quarknet program, allows local high school students to experience a college environment, while also encouraging them to pursue studies in math and science.

In addition to traditional educational initiatives, the ICSB is also involved in community science education, providing public lectures during the ICSB workshops held on Notre Dame campus as well as at the Notre Dame London Center and at the Notre Dame Chicago Commons. Learn more (993 kb PDF).