Amy Klegarth receives Fulbright award to conduct research in Singapore

Amy Klegarth

Amy Klegarth, a third year graduate student in the Department of Biological Sciences, has received a Fulbright scholarship to conduct research in Singapore this year.  Klegarth has worked in Singapore previously and will return to collect more information for her dissertation.

Her research involves the population genetic structure of urban monkeys in Singapore and during this research trip, she will deploy GPS collars to track the movements and interactions of long-tailed macaque populations. She has conducted pilot tests for brief periods with the collars, and the nine-month scholarship will permit longer-term observations. She will also collect saliva samples to track the genetic flow of the macaque groups in the urban landscape.

Klegarth’s advisors are Hope Hollocher of biological sciences and Agustin Fuentes of anthropology.

By: Gene Stowe | May 10, 2013