Additional Information for COS-SURF International Research

Undergraduate research

Students that apply for a College of Science Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (COS-SURF) to undertake research abroad will need to propose research with a scientist that has an ongoing collaboration with their Notre Dame Faculty mentor.  Only juniors are eligible to apply to receive COS-SURF funding for international research opportunities. Furthermore, student will need to provide additional information on Submittable to justify the research abroad, including:

  • Justification for why the specific location has been chosen to undertake their research.  This should include the explanation how your ongoing research project will benefit from the proposed visit.
  • Letter of support from the collaborator where the proposed research would be undertaken. In the letter, the collaborator needs to state a willingness and capacity to accommodate the student in his/her laboratory.
  • Subsequent to the fellowship being awarded, the student will need to demonstrate that they have worked with the International Office to complete the various paperwork needed to work abroad.

If you are interested in pursuing the research abroad opportunity, we encourage you to start the conversation with your research mentor as soon as possible in order to identify the most suitable location. Also, please indicate in your application on Submittable, if you are interested in receiving COS-SURF scholarship for summer research at Notre Dame in case your "international" proposal is not justified enough to be funded.