STAR Program

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Do you work with a stellar performer? Tell us their story as part of the Special Thanks and Recognition (STAR) Program.


Who is eligible?  Any full- or part-time College of Science research, technical, or administrative staff member.


Who can nominate?  Nominations can be submitted by any University faculty member, staff member, or student.


What are the recognition categories and criteria?  There are four categories associated with the program and we ask that you select one that best describes the attributes of your STAR nominee:  

  • Beyond Excellence: Individuals who demonstrate this quality consistently perform beyond expectations and bring excellence to every facet of their performance in the research laboratory, facility, or office. 
  • Creativity & Innovation: The successful nominee is one who has implemented an outstanding idea that has improved the efficiency or quality of their laboratory, facility or office setting. 
  • Customer-Focused Mindset & Positive Attitude: The recipient of this award consistently provides excellent customer service to both internal and external customers, either in the office environment or in core facilities. These individuals provide helpful and valuable information to their clients and colleagues, and project a positive attitude and enthusiasm for their work that enhances unit morale.
  • Teamwork & Collaboration: This category recognizes those individuals who build effective collaborations and work successfully as part of a team, emphasizing the collective good of the laboratory, facility, or office over personal goals. 

What is the recommendation process? If you know of an individual who has excelled in one of the recognition categories above, please complete the nomination form.


Are there other eligibility considerations?  All nominees must be up-to-date with Endeavor in order to be eligible a STAR award. While we encourage continuous recognition of our peers’ contributions, please note that formal recognition as part of this program is limited to once per two year cycle. Additionally, selection committee members (currently Kathy Phillips, Nancy Horvath, Mary Prorok, Patti Strauch, and Shelly Goethals) are not eligible to receive this award while serving on this committee. Up to 10 staff will be recognized annually for their performance.


What does the awardee receive? STAR recipients will be acknowledged at the college’s annual All Staff Meeting and will be allowed to choose a gift from the bookstore for an amount up to $75.
 Each STAR awardee will also be entered into a random drawing for two tickets to an on-campus sporting or performing arts event of their choosing (subject to availability).


Current Award Winners (2019)

Lotta Barnes

Lori Fuson

David Futa

Brent Harker

David Jansen

Jacqueline Lopez

Rachel Mendez

Melissa Ornat

Mariette Quinn

Matt Sandford

Gerald "Jerry" Schurr

Dawn Verleye