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The Special Thanks and Recognition (STAR) Program welcomes nominations of any College of Science staff member for special recognition. Nominations can be submitted by faculty, staff, or students across the University.

Recognition Categories and Criteria

  • Beyond Excellence: Individuals who demonstrate this quality consistently perform beyond expectations, demonstrating excellence in all that they do. This person brings significant value to their department and the University through superior job performance.
  • Creativity & Innovation: The successful nominee is one who has initiated a great idea to improve the efficiency or quality of the department, college, or University. This award recognizes an individual who has identified a specific opportunity to improve a process, enhance productivity, and / or simplify how operations are conducted, and who has successfully implemented a creative and / or innovative solution to address this opportunity.
  • Customer-Focused Mindset & Positive Attitude: A recipient of this award consistently provides excellent customer service to both internal and external customers, during easy and challenging situations. Individuals who demonstrate these attributes provide helpful, valuable information to their clients and colleagues, with a positive attitude and enthusiasm for their work that enhances departmental morale.
  • Teamwork & Collaboration: This category recognizes those individuals who build effective collaborations and work successfully as part of a team, emphasizing the collective good over personal goals. The successful nominee takes responsibility and demonstrates accountability in his or her role, while promoting a team environment that models effective communication and cooperation.

Recommendation Process

If you know of an individual who has excelled in one of the recognition categories above, please complete the nomination form.


All full-time and part-time College of Science staff who are up-to-date with Endeavor are eligible to be recognized as part of this program. While we encourage continuous recognition of our peers’ contributions, please note that formal recognition as part of this program is limited to one time per fiscal year. Please note that selection committee members (currently Kathy Phillips, Susan Monroe, Mary Prorok, Patti Strauch, Shelly Goethals, Bill O'Hayer, and Kassie Spencer) are not eligible to receive recognition during their time on this committee.

Selection Method and Recognition

All nominations received will be reviewed by a selection committee, to ensure that the employee’s contribution is considered to be substantive. Up to 10 staff will be recognized annually for their performance.


  • Employees who have made a meaningful contribution to the college and met the criteria for their respective recognition category will be recognized at the college’s semi-annual All Staff Meeting and will be allowed to choose a gift from the bookstore up to $75.

  • Each STAR will also be entered into a random drawing for two tickets to the on-campus event of their choosing (subject to availability; examples may include sporting events, arts and entertainment, or other functions.

Current Award Winners (2017-2018)


Susan Baxmeyer

Theresa Bollinger

Tony Cobb

Cheryl Copley

Katie Cybulski

Lisa Driver

Tammi Freehling

Beth Gaffigan

Nancy Herman

Judy Hygema

Corianne Kellems

Kim Kirkpatrick

Patty Knapik

Bridget Lautaru

Paul Lingle

Robin Lockhart

Deanna McCool

Melissa Ornat

Carolina Sborja

Ashley VanAvermaete

Janet Weikel

Kevin Young

Anne Zakas