This information is provided as a guide to students enrolled in the University of Notre Dame, but is not the official source of information. While every effort has been made to eliminate errors, no guarantee will be made that the information provided here is free of errors. Also note that information posted on this site is being continually updated and new information will be added over time.

A basic reference for all students is the Undergraduate Bulletin of Information published the year the student started as a first-year student (transfer students will be assigned a bulletin to follow -- generally the same bulletin followed by other students of the same level.).

The course offerings and requirements of the University of Notre Dame are continually under examination and revisions are expected. Neither this website nor the Undergraduate Bulletin of Information are contracts; both merely present the offerings and requirements in effect at the time of posting/publication and in no way guarantees that the offerings and requirements will remain the same. Every effort is made to provide advance information of any changes.

For questions on major programs, students are urged to contact the appropriate advisor whose name can be found by clicking on their major of interest in the undergraduate majors section of this website.