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Chemistry is the science of substances that comprise the world about us and is concerned with their structure, their properties, and the reactions that change them into other substances. Biochemistry explores the chemical foundations of living systems, including the structure, properties, and reactions of biological macromolecules. Chemists and biochemists practice their profession in many ways — in educational institutions, government laboratories, and private research institutions and foundations, as well as in many commercial areas, including the petroleum, chemical, drug, health, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has a strong undergraduate program together with a strong graduate education and research program. This graduate program greatly benefits undergraduate education by attracting highly qualified instructors and results in the availability of excellent research facilities and modern instrumentation necessary to train the scientists of tomorrow. This department is able to provide an excellent program of undergraduate research to complement regular coursework. Student participation in research is highly encouraged as a key part of the education of chemistry and biochemistry majors.

Majors, Second Majors, and Programs

  • Chemistry
  • Biochemistry

Chemistry Sample Curriculum
The chemistry curriculum at Notre Dame includes two programs: the Chemistry Career Program designed for students interested in a professional career in chemistry, and the Chemistry Combination Program, designed for those students who are interested in combining chemistry with business or with computing.

Biochemistry Sample Curriculum
The biochemistry curriculum emphasizes the chemical basis of biological processes.

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Academic Advisor
DeeAnne Goodenough-Lashua

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Brian Baker

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Jon Camden

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