Class of 2013

Breck Ashdown
Implementing a Plastic Bag Fee for the City of South Bend, IN
Advisor: Rachel Novick, Ph.D.

Kate Buczek
Turning over a new LEEF: A look at the need for experiential environmental education and the creation of an education outreach program for ND-LEEF
Advisors: Brett Peters, Ph.D. and Jennifer Tank, Ph.D.

Lacey Cochran
Urban agriculture: A solution to processed and industrially produced food
Advisor: Matthew Doppke, Ph.D.

Martha Dee
Nutrient limitation of biofilms in turbid rivers: The roles of turbidity and cation induced inhibition
Advisor: Jennifer Tank, Ph.D.

Coley Girouard and Bradley Sena
Clean Energy Infrastructure
Advisor: Anthony Serianni, Ph.D.

Anna Gorman
Sold, Used, *Wasted: A look at food waste and related implications at the University of Notre Dame
Advisor: Chad Harms, Ph.D.

Madelyn Huang
The sustainability of organic agriculture
Advisor: Matthew Doppke, Ph.D.

Michael Kennedy
Future roadmap for sustainability in energy generation at Notre Dame
Advisor: Sam Miller, Ph.D.

Jonathan Mandarakas
The issue of water rights in the Nile River basin
Advisor: Sam Miller, Ph.D.

Rob Piscatelli
Sustainable Plastic Packaging
Advisor: Sam Miller, Ph.D.

Patrick Revord
Sustainability culture-building and leadership organization in higher educational institutions
Advisor: Patrick Murphy, Ph.D.

Maria Rigby
Sustainability in the food industry
Advisor: Margaret Pfeil, Ph.D.

Grace Spaulding
Building sustainable homes
Advisor: Alan deFrees, Ph.D.

Rebekah Wierson
Sustainable care for the elderly
Advisor: Samantha Salden, Ph.D.