Class of 2017

Bailey Amenabar
Business Opportunities in Protecting the Ocean
Advisor: Prof. Sam Miller
Elizabeth Berg
The denitrification process as it occurs in two-stage and traditional agricultural ditches
Advisors: Prof. Jennifer Tank & Dr. Sheila Christopher
Caitlin Broderick
Reconstructing the pre-settlement vegetation of the Yellow River watershed and its implications for restoration and land management
Advisor: Prof. Jason McLachlan
Sophia Chau
The Vulnerability Reduction Credit: A New Standard to Facilitate a Global Adaptation Marketplace  
Advisor: Dr. Chen Chen
Beruchya Dao-Bai
Renewable Energy Expansion to Africa
Prof. Bob Dowd, C.S.C.
Rachel Dupont
How the City of South Bend Can Support the Creation and Accessibility of Community Gardens
Advisor: Prof. David Hutchison
Caitlin Renee Hodges
Death and Life in South Bend:  Art, Sustainability, and Urban Futures 
Advisors: Prof. Erika Doss & Dr. Danielle Wood
Mitchell Meersman
Project Prometheus
Advisor: Prof. Leo Burke
Caitlin Murphy
Combating Food Waste with Food Rescue U.S.
Advisor: Prof. Pat Murphy
Hannah Rees
Sustainable Development and Economic Growth in Guatemala
Advisor: Prof. Melissa Paulsen
Theresa Saad
Waller Creek Conservancy and Sustainable Community Revitalization Efforts
Advisor: Prof. Kim Rollings
Matthew Schaefer
Setting a Standard for South Bend Green Space
Advisor: Prof. Kim Rollings
Martín Serrano Córdova
Evaluating sustainable architecture certification programs around the globe
Advisor: Prof. Aimee Buccellato