• Accessible solutions for tough problems

    Accessible solutions for tough problems

    Professor Marya Lieberman’s paper analytical devices (PADs) can detect lead and identify counterfeit drugs in low-resource settings.

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  • Collaborative research, from the start

    Collaborative research, from the start

    Follow your passion for research and discovery at Notre Dame, a University with a rich history of research excellence and mentorship.

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  • Environmental Sciences

    Environmental Sciences

    Study the interaction between humans and the natural world in a variety of settings.

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  • Fighting for a cure

    Fighting for a cure

    Through research, education and outreach, work in the Department of Biological Sciences advances approaches that can fight cancer and vector-borne diseases.

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  • Flexing your brain

    Flexing your brain

    Challenge yourself—with plenty of support—in proof-based mathematics courses.

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  • Nuclear physics

    Nuclear physics

    Undergraduate physics students tackle the most current and exciting research topics, using the most modern equipment.

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