Patricia Clark, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

A rich history of research excellence. And it’s only the beginning.

While the College of Science already enjoys a rich history of research excellence, it doesn’t live in the past. Today, Notre Dame is conducting collaborative, interdisciplinary research into:

  • Global health
  • Disease transmission and control
  • The effectiveness of robots in behavior-based communication therapies for children with autism
  • Adult stem cells in zebrafish so as to ascertain how neurons regenerate
  • An injectable compound to help rescue damaged blood cells
  • Technology for handheld diagnostic devices

And much, much more.

In fact, despite being in the midst of one of the most economically challenging climates ever faced by institutions of higher education, the University recently announced significant additional internal funding to support nine research initiatives during the second phase of an $80 million Strategic Research Investments (SRI) process. Research projects selected for funding include sustainable energy, environmental change, HIV treatment, nanotechnology, and hurricane impact mitigation. And it’s only the beginning, as the University endeavors to do something that’s never been done—to establish itself as a preeminent research university with a distinctive Catholic character that seeks the truth for its own sake, as well as to benefit the common good.