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The University of Notre Dame is the preeminent research university with a distinctive Catholic character. We seek the truth for its own sake, as well as to benefit the common good. Our commitment to research excellence guides us toward developing novel solutions to today’s most pressing scientific problems.

While we have a rich history of research excellence, it doesn’t live in the past. Today, we conduct collaborative, interdisciplinary research into subjects like global health, disease transmission and control, rare and neglected diseases, adult stem cells, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and much more.

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Notre Dame Research supports and encourages innovation in more than forty core facilities and resources.

Undergraduate Research

Discover how your science can make a difference by participating in research at Notre Dame.

Graduate Research

As a graduate student in the College of Science, you’ll join more than 400 peers who are making significant discoveries to help solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Postdoctoral Research

We value the world-impacting contributions postdoctoral scholars make to the research in each laboratory on campus.

Research Centers

Centers and Institutes

The College of Science is home to more than 20 centers and institutes, each dedicated to the collaborative research necessary to answer age-old questions and address today’s complex problems.

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Research Facilities

Research facilities, including the University’s facilities, support our vibrant research community on campus, and are often available for external clients. Research facilities provide expert guidance, support, and instrumentation

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Research News

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Fighting to Understand the Scientific Impact of Community

Playing in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro are 300 baboons that are the focus of one of the longest-running studies of wild primates. For more than 40 years, these Amboseli baboons and their ancestors have provided important data about questions in evolution, genetics, nutrition, hybridization and parasitology.

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