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  1. Local governments hand out fentanyl test strips, but they could be illegal in Indiana

    Drug recovery experts say fentanyl and other test strips can save lives. They say confusion over whether the strips are legal negatively impacts overdose prevention.

  2. He solved a math problem that stumped Stanford profs. Here's what became of a Bay Area prodigy.

    Chronicle K-12 education reporter Jill Tucker wrote about Bay Area child prodigy Evan O’Dorney 13 years ago and never forgot his remarkable story. Amid coverage of this year’s national spelling bee and other academic awards, she tracked Evan down to find out how he’s doing.

  3. The Justice Department wants to 'break up Live Nation.' Taylor Swift fans are ready for it.

    Swift fans are “very good at bonding together, using their own time and resources to solve problems,” said Jeff Harden, a political science professor at the University of Notre Dame.