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  1. How can I avoid eating food with ‘forever’ chemicals?

    “For the average consumer, there’s no way to avoid it,” said Graham Peaslee, a physics professor at the University of Notre Dame. “But, you can do some smart things.”

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  2. ‘It’s Pretty Horrific but Fascinating Nonetheless.’ Inside the New Wave of Atomic Tourism.

    “Whenever there is talk about nuking, people get interested in the atomic bomb,” said Michael Wiescher, a nuclear physicist at the University of Notre Dame who sees enrollment go up in his “Nuclear War” course when it’s in the news. His colleague Ani Aprahamian finds atomic tourism a curious phenomenon. “I’m a nuclear physicist and would find going to a test site fascinating in any case,” she said, “but perhaps it’s nostalgia or a desire to understand that drives others.”

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  3. Plastic containers still distributed across the US are a potential health disaster

    Inhance late last year also began claiming that an April 2022 adjustment to its fluorination process reduced PFAS leaching to negligible levels. That was contradicted by a late 2022 peer-reviewed University of Notre Dame study of Inhance containers.

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