NDConnect poster session


Location: Jordan Hall of Science Galleria

2014 NDConnect competition




Please join NDnano for the NDConnect poster session. Sixteen undergraduate students from top universities around the country will visit Notre Dame to compete for $6,000 in prizes.

  • Christian Bottenfield (U. of Pittsburgh): Investigation of printing-based bulk heterojunction organic solar cells
  • Michael Chatzidakis (McMaster): Phase separation in immiscible bimetallic nanoparticles
  • Kezi Cheng (MIT): Processing approaches for thin-film energy storage devices: Increase energy density of  high power density graphene-based supercapacitors through C60 fullerenes
  • Rose Doerfler (Notre Dame): Thermal stability of DNA origami
  • David Heydari (Northwestern): Quantum cascade lasers with parallelogram-shaped resonators
  • Iskender Kushan (Stanford): Six-terminal carbon nanotube nano-electro-mechanical relays
  • Robin Lawler (Notre Dame): Low-cost, portable platform for pathogen detection
  • Irving Martinez (UT El Paso): Shaping electromagnetic response far below the optical diffraction limit
  • Connor McClellan (UT Austin): Semiconducting behavior in ultrathin rhenium disulfide
  • Alexander Munoz (Arizona State): Metrology for nanoscale manufacturing
  • Monica Ohnsorg (Hope Coll.): Fundamental layer-by-layer formation of surface anchored metal-organic frameworks
  • Nanetta Pon (UCLA): Growth and transfer of multilayer graphene for use as a nanoporous membrane
  • Peter Santos (Northwestern): Self-assembly of a DPP tripod donor for organic photovoltaics
  • Leila Sloman (McGill): Graphene nanopores for protein sequencing
  • Dixiong Wang (Penn State): CVD graphene: Growth and transfer
  • Hansheng Ye (Penn State): Growth of vanadium dioxide on sapphire by hybrid molecular beam epitaxy

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