Aprahamian and Wiescher speak at Brazilian Physical Society meeting

Author: Marissa Gebhard


Professors of physics Ani Aprahamian and Michael Wiescher gave invited talks at the celebration of the Brazilian Physical Society’s 45th anniversary celebrations. The meeting took place in Iguassu Falls, Brazil at a joint meeting of the Brazilian societies of Plasma, Materials and Condensed Matter, Particles and Fields, Nuclear, and Applied Physics. The meeting was attended by nearly 3,000 physicists including a number of Nobel laureates from all over the world.


Brazil is the economic leader of all the South American countries and has a strong financial base. According to the National Academies report on “The Science and Technology Strategies of Six Countries”, investments in science, technology, and education are seen as critical elements of the country’s plan in becoming a world economic power. The country is energy independent and has tied science and education spending to its growing GDP. The future is promising for Brazil, a country where the median age is 29 and half of the country’s population is under the age of 29.