Biology professor’s textbook nominated for prestigious PROSE Award

Author: Cliff Djajapranata

700x466 Lamberti

700x466 Lamberti

In 1996, biological sciences professor Gary Lamberti published the first edition of his textbook to fill a major need in aquatic science. Twenty-one years later, Methods in Stream Ecology, now in its third edition, is up for consideration for a prestigious PROSE Award, an annual accolade that recognizes the best in professional and scholarly publishing.

               The now two-volume textbook, co-edited with F. Richard Hauer of the University of Montana, is the primary source for understanding and managing river and stream ecosystems. “Human management of rivers, and the restoration of those degraded by human activities, are highly dependent on accurate measurements of the structure and function of these ecosystems,” Lamberti said. “Methods in Stream Ecology provides the tools needed by researchers, agencies, students, and the general public for understanding and managing these fascinating and important ecosystems.”

Hauer Lamberti Volume 1 2017


               In its field, Lamberti’s textbook is one of a kind. “It’s the primary international reference for conducting research, monitoring, restoration, and teaching on rivers and streams—which carry the lifeblood of water needed by humans and natural ecosystems.  Nowhere else do the recognized global authorities on river and stream ecology converge to describe the state-of-the-art for sampling these vital water bodies,” Lamberti said. 

               The winners of the PROSE Award will be recognized at the 2018 Awards Luncheon during the PSP Annual conference on February 8.