Center for Mathematics hosts international conference

Author: Gene Stowe

Main Building


Last week's International Conference on Boundaries and Ergodic Geometry (June 1-5) completed the fifth annual thematic program hosted by the Center for Mathematics at Notre Dame.

This year’s event, focused on boundaries and dynamics, was organized by François Ledrappier of Notre Dame, Françoise Dal'Bo of the Universite de Rennes in France and Amie Wilkinson of the University of Chicago.

Nineteen presenters at the conference came from around the world, including France, Germany, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and South Korea as well as the University of Southern California, Penn State, Chicago, Yale, and Stanford.

“This is our most international conference yet,” said Lisa Driver, who coordinates the events for the center. About half of the more than 80 participants are from other nations.

Adrien Boyer, from the Israel Institute of Technology, said the sessions and networking will help advance his studies. “The notion of boundaries is probably the main key words of my thesis,” he said. “I am working only for now in the context of "hyperbolic geometry,” but it seems that our approach should be relevant in “higher rank” geometry. Moreover, there will be also many opportunities to meet and talk to some mathematicians who are experts in the “boundary.”

In addition to the conference, the center’s thematic program included an Undergraduate Summer School during May 19-22 and Graduate and Postdoc Summer School Mini-Courses during May 26-29.